About Us

Meet Mason: Mason grew up in California skating and playing in Punk rock bands. He moved to Ohio around the year 2000. In 2008 he opened his very first skateshop. He has been involved heavily in the skate industry ever since along with opening other brands and businesses including Careless Heart Skate Shop and Almanac Skateboards.

Meet Brandon: Brandon is a Texas native, Army Infantry Veteran, The Ohio State University Graduate and a father of 2. Highly involved in the local and national music scenes, Brandon owns/operates Punkerton Records LLC and On-Brand Booking as well as promotes and produces multiple concerts and festivals through out the country.

Meet Jesse: Jesse is a true Ohio native. He grew up skateboarding and has been involved with the skateboarding community for the past 18 years holding contests and trying to give back. Jesse is also part owner In Almanac Skateboards. If he sees you out in one of our shirts he might buy you a beer! More cowbell.